Thai Scuba Delivery and Tours

Pattaya Trip 2900 Baht /diver
(For the certify diver)

This price includes:
-         2 dives per day
-         Lunch on boat
-         Tank, weight belt
-         Experienced dive leader

-         Equipment rental
-         transportation
-         Hotel

With card 1200 Baht Off



Liveaboard Andaman Trip  4 nights /5 Days  Price 20,000 Baht /Diver
(For the certify diver)



  1. Air Conditioned Cabin.
  2. 4 Days Diving 14-15 Dives
  3. 3 Meals A Day Freshly Made By The Resident Chefs.
  4. 24 Hours A Day Snacks.
  5. Soft Drinks, Water, Tea And Coffee.
  6. Hotel and Airport Transfers.
  7. PADI Professional Divemaster / Guide.
  8. Tanks and Weights.
  9. Dive Insurance.
  10. World Class Scuba Diving.

- National park fee
- Equipment rental

With card 2000 Baht Off




PADI Recreational Dive Courses




Discover Scuba Diver



4,000 B

Scuba Diver



8,000 B

Open Water Diver*



14,000 B

Adventure Diver



7,000 B

Advanced Open Water Diver



12,000 B

Rescue Diver



12,000 B

Scuba Refresher (Lesson + 2 Dives)



4,500 B

* Purchase of course materials required

(For the certify diver)

With card 2000 Baht Off

about my scuba diving course, There are 5 courses to become the professional scuba diver..let me explain one by one

1. "Discover scuba diving course" 

This is the very beginning course for someone who  want to try to breath underwater but this course will not give any certification and you have to go under the water not deeper than 10 m. and you must be under the instructor supervision for all the time.... the special price for this course is 5000 bt.

the course take 1 day / 1 dive to finish

2. " Open Water course"

This course is the first level that give you the certification card which is not require the prerequisite course. you can go as deep as 18 m. The special price for this course is 10000 bt. while the normal price in Rayong is 14000 bt.

The course takes 4 days / 4 dives to finish

3. " Advance Open water"

This course is continue from the "open water course" you have to learn Open water first  but this course will teach you more skill adn tecnique so you have have more fun when you go diving and you can go deep to 30 m. when you finish this course the special price is 8000 bt.

The course takes 3days / 5 dives to finish

4. " Rescue and EFR Course"

This 2 courses must come along with each other  for anyone who can taking care fo themselve yet want to help other too. it's required 20 dives before you take this will teach you to help other when they need it. The special price for this course is 12000 bt. ( 2 courses together)

The course take 4 days to finish

5. " Dive Master"

you will have to collect 60 dives before you take this course. this is the beginnign course to become professional..the course will teach you to Mapping the dive site and lead to dive plus you will be the helper of the instrctor to comfort other divers.

There's no specific price for this couse because there are so many skill to learn and many manner to's up to ability of the diver.

* Those price are not include eqipment rental whis is 400 bt. / day

We can go to teach you right at Rayong province under the condition of

1. you must have at least 3 persons who want to learn

2. you have class room and swimming pool available for teaching.


And also please find for more information
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