Tequila Sunrise




Western Food
Thai Food
Sample from Menu Sample from Menu
Schnitzel with French Fries
125 B
Fried Rice
50 B
Hamburger with French Fries
85 B
Tom Yam Seafofod
150 B
Swedish Meatballs with Mashed potato and Lingon
125 B
Chicken with Cashew nuts
60/120 B
125 B
Sweet and Sour Chicken/Pork
80 B
Pork Steak with French Fries/Mashed Potato
125 B
Panaeng Curry with Chicken
120 B
Chicken Steak with French Fries/Mashed Potato
125 B
Yellow Curry With Vegetables and Chicken
120 B
Spagetti Bolognese
95 B
Shrimps fried in Garlic
90 B
Club Sandwich
125 B
Shrimps fried in Basil Leaves
90 B
Fish and Chips
125 B
Pad Thai with Chicken/Pork
80 B
And more And more
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